Warranty Plus

Warranty Plus

Protection for your valuable assets

Our specialist art division is highly experienced in the transportation and storage of paintings, delicate ceramics, antiques, sculptures and valuable items. As well as providing the highest quality of service to protect your art during transit and storage, we also offer an innovative extended warranty solution to protect against transit and storage risks outside of our control.

Warranty Plus extended warranty cover

Whilst most clients maintain home or business contents insurance policies, it is important to understand that these policies seldom cover contents during transit or if they are placed into a storage facility. Some policies may extend cover for a very restricted set of occurrences only during transit or storage and may be subject to a significant claim excess. These policies generally do not cover loss or damage resulting from unforeseen accidents or incidents arising out of loading and unloading from a vehicle or during protracted interstate or international transportation. It is for this reason, that we strongly recommend you consider Grace Warranty Plus extended warranty to ensure that your valuable assets are protected for their full market value during transit or storage.

International coverage

At Grace, we work with an exclusive group of global partners to ensure your items remain safe and secure whilst in transit via sea or air. As the only Australian member of International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transport (ICEFAT), we provide the highest quality service on an international scale.

For more Warranty Plus information

Speak to our specialists about our Warranty Plus offering to safeguard your fine art. From handling single artworks to large, complex touring exhibitions, you can trust Grace. Our Warranty Plus declaration details the terms and conditions of the extended warranty proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Grace Fine Art can provide a full range of art packing services. From soft packing in our unique export wrap, to a full timber crate suitable for shipping around the world. Contact our friendly team to discuss your needs.

Our climate controlled storage is maintained at specific temperature & humidity levels, as used by museums & art galleries in Australia & around the world.

Yes, we can install your artwork. Contact our friendly team to discuss your needs.

All commercial imports into Australia are taxable at a rate of 10%. Luckily, most artwork is Duty Free, so you only pay the 10% Import GST.

Grace can arrange insurance coverage for your consignment via our insurance broker, however our Warranty Plus extended warranty protection program provides broader protection than most of the insurance policies available in the market.

Yes, Grace Fine Art specialises in the moving and storage of all types of art, from large sculptures to antique desks and everything in between.

We always recommend that your artwork is wrapped for protection during interstate transport. Grace Fine Art have a full range of appropriate permanent & temporary packing solutions.

Yes, Grace works with curators from major galleries and museums across Australia and across the world. Coordinating the movement of major exhibitions and events Grace has an extensive resource base and branch network that allows us to take on even the largest projects.

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